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Michael Buchanan


2009 Michael Buchanan - site designed by Jason Gilbert


Broadway Sings Tori: A Benefit for RAINN, New World Stages, New York, NY

  1. “ If you heard a collective gasp last night around 9:30, that was the sound of an entire audience swooning at Buchanan’s hard-charging, seductive take on “Take to the Sky.” Tearing up the stage with his rock tenor (and tight jeans), he teased, scolded and then left the audience panting for more.” - The Broadway Blog

Urinetown – Mercury Theatre, Chicago, IL

  1. “Michael Buchanan is the cute, boyish ‘hero’ Bobby Strong. He expels a fine vocal range as well as convincing low-keyed activist. He leads the fluid ensemble of ‘poor folks’ who perform and land the show’s several energetic numbers.” – Chicago Critic

  2. “The male lead comes in the form of Bobby Strong (the golden-voiced Michael Buchanan, whose eyebrows are a performance in themselves)” – Chicago Sun-Times

  3. “The story is flushed -- I mean fleshed -- out when handsome Bobby Strong (Michael Buchanan, a young actor with a voice like a clarion, a face like a cherub and a dancing prowess that combines the glee of Ray Bolger with the precision of 'Thriller'-era Michael Jackson) stands up for downtrodden bladders.” – Skyline

  4. "As Hope and Bobby, Tamara Spiewak and Michael Buchanan deliver satisfyingly economical performances in pitch-perfect voices.“ – Broadway World

  5. “[The director] has assembled an altogether fine ensemble of Chicagoans and New Yorkers, headed by Michael Buchanan and Tamara Spiewak as Bobby Strong and Hope Cladwell, the lead couple. Bright, eager and faux-naive, they both have voices that don’t quit (especially Buchanan, in the largest singing role) and have style to spare.” – Windy City Times

West Side Story – Fireside Theatre, Fort Atkinson, WI

  1. “The audience buying into the play hinges on one moment — when Maria and Tony see each other at the dance. If the actors can sell that moment, the audience is in their hands. If not, there’s a couple of hours of program twirling and looking at watches ahead.  [Sierra] Boggess and her Tony, Michael Buchanan — for whom the actress has the highest praise — sell the moment completely.” – Herald & Review.com

You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown – Emelin Theatre, Mamaroneck, NY

  1. “Michael Buchanan actually finds a way to be both the non-entity that Charlie Brown thinks he is and the winsome stable center of this group of kids.  It’s a bittersweet performance that rings true to the comic strip.” – The Journal News

I Left My Heart – Palladium Theater, St. Petersburg, FL

  1. “Singers Rashad Naylor, Michael Buchanan and Keith Buterbaugh deliver pure and straightforward readings of classic songs, and Buchanan is especially impressive.” – St. Petersburg Times